About Jill

Shewhisperer Dog Training, Jill BreitnerHi, I’m Jill Breitner,

For close to 40 years now, as a dog trainer I have devoted myself to coaching clients about the nature of dogs i.e, their body language and energy- as it relates to effective training for both dogs and humans alike. This knowledge transforms relationships as I coach owners to develop the leadership skills that they need to successfully train their dog. My focus is on creating joyful and respectful relationships between people and the animals that enrich our lives so much.

I have professionally trained Companion, Therapy and Service Dogs for thousands of clients. Beyond helping you master the skills needed to train your dog, I also help match the right puppy for families. I volunteer in animal shelters, helping staff better understand dog psychology and behavior. I love writing about my experience with clients and their dogs as a teaching tool for my blog.

I am offering online dog training via Skype and I love helping people all over the world.

My lifelong interest in helping people train their dogs began at age nine after reading a LIFE magazine article about Dr. Jane Goodall.  Goodall’s work observing chimpanzees fired my own devotion to animals into a full-blown passion. From that early age, I keenly observed the creatures around me and how people interacted with them. Years later, my zeal schooled by a degree in Animal Science from Pierce College in Los Angeles and sharpened by working as a Veterinary Technician, I came to understand that my true calling was coaching people how to better understand and train their dog.

In the name of safety and humane education between dogs and humans, I created a smartphone app about dog body language. Dog Decoder was inspired by the huge numbers of people being bitten by dogs because of the lack of understanding about how to read dogs. You can find out more about the app on the Dog Decoder App page.

I live on the West Coast with my beloveds–all rescued animals: two dogs Oscar and Timber and my two favorite mounts, Oriah and Bodhi. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, riding my horses and hiking with my dogs.

I’ve been teaching low stress animal husbandry handling for visits to vets, groomers, day care, dog walkers, etc. 40 years. Learning how to brush your dog, administer medications, treat ears, eyes, trim your dogs nails, you name it, I can help you help your dog be less anxious during these otherwise stressful times. I completed a certification course from Fear Free Pets, so that I could see if there was anything missing from my program and was thrilled to be validated that I’m doing the very best that I can, to help you alleviate any stress or fear in your dog at any juncture of her life.


I have also completed a certification course in Animal Behavior and Welfare at The University of Edinburgh.

I look forward to helping you help your dog feel safe and happy in the world.