I have recommended Jill to my staff, clients and friends, after observing her with a four-month-old poodle mix. I was sitting in on Jill’s lecture, in a large group setting, and watched her work flawlessly with this little boy, both on and off leash. He was impeccably behaved for such a youngster and responded to all of the following commands: sit, stay, down (lie down), come, speak, leave it (come away from the trash can), and drop it (let go of something that was in his mouth). Not only was this an extensive repertoire for such a youngster, he responded to all of these commands with or without the use of food treats.

His motivation was to please Jill. This pup’s enthusiasm, level of responsiveness and training was exceptional. I have been a small animal veterinarian for 27 years, have worked with several trainers, and have trained several of my own dogs. Jill is truly deserving of my strong recommendation.

-Nancy Kay, DVM
Board Certified Internist
VCA Animal Care Center  Rohnert Park, CA
Bestselling Author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life


It is said that a well trained dog is a happy dog. I have had the pleasure to know Jill Breitner for quite a while. She is a great person and a fantastic animal trainer. Jill helped my own dog, Roz, but the reason I recommend her so often to my clients is because of her gentle yet firm way of training the animals. By analyzing the animal, owner and problem, Jill has always gotten to the source of the problem and worked to fix that rather than make the pet respond mechanically. Her explanations of why something happens and the natural response of the animal to certain situations makes her clients very well prepared to lead to happy and good animal ownership for both the pet and the human.

-Dave McCrystle, DVM
Healdsburg Veterinary Hospital
Healdsburg, California


Jill trained both of my brothers’ dogs. When we got Max and realized that he had come to us under socialized and somewhat fearful, we reached out to Jill. She has helped us help Max become the happy puppy he was meant to be. She is always available for questions and advice… finding someone we can really trust has made all the difference.

— Bruce & Sherry
Northern California


It has been our pleasure and joy to own our special Labrador retriever, Callie. A significant part of this joy comes from having a well-mannered dog that has been sufficiently trained but not broken in spirit. Let me tell you about our experience with Jill Breitner. We had not owned a puppy in a number of years nor had we ever properly trained a dog. As we searched for someone who would nurture the spirit and enhance a lab’s personality, we got advice from all our friends and even strangers in the street. Jill’s name came up through a number of sources; all references pointed to her love of the animals and ability to train spirited dogs successfully. After a thorough investigation, we decided to have Jill join the family (my husband, myself and our dog) for a few, it seems all-too-brief sessions. Once again, I’m amazed at how well Jill mannered our Callie while educating us in dog behavior and owner responsibilities. We could not be more pleased with our results. We have a dog, perfect for us; we now suit the dog as owners and masters, and Jill remains a friend and companion to both Callie and us. She frequently looks in on the dog, with a shy but clever reminder to us of what works and more importantly what doesn’t work. If you want a dog to suit a loving, warm home, without equivocation we can recommend Jill.

—Diane & Gary Cuccio


Jill is and always will be the person I trust the most when it comes to anything to do with my dogs. My relationship with Jill began probably 15 years ago. After going through training classes and various trainers that were at best ineffective or left my dog scared of it’s own shadow, I was referred to Jill by my groomer. Not only was her training method effective,, they were the most humane–always considering the dog and his needs first. I learned a lot and in some respects I think she trained me as much if not more than my dogs. There is no effective behavior training if the owner isn’t consistent and doesn’t know what to do. This has always been Jill’s focus and has been invaluable in maintaining the progress that she only begins.

I would trust her with my dogs over anyone and have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who needs help with any issue whether it’s an aggression problem, behavioral or just obedience. I have see her work miracles with my friends dogs that NO ONE could handle. I had a situation myself where two of my females got into a fight and everyone told me they could never be together again. After Jill worked with them for a couple of weeks I followed up on what she told me to do. They are now sleeping together and adore each other as if nothing ever happened.

Jill’s work and dedication has always been her priority.

-Kathy Nelson
Music Director, Kathy Nelson Company
Los Angeles, CA


It is a pleasure to tell anyone who’ll listen (or read this) what an amazing experience it has been to observe Jill work with our beloved golden retriever, Holly. In 1999, we took Holly, at age six months, to a trainer elsewhere in California whose references we checked thoroughly (alas) before boarding her there for three months. … To our dismay, his approach to training resulted in her becoming fearful, antisocial and aggressive…traits rarely associated with golden retrievers! In desperation, I consulted Holly’s veterinarian, Dr. Dave McCrystal, for a solution. His suggestion was that I contact Jill immediately, which we did. Watching Jill talk to and relate to Holly, listening to her assess Holly’s behavior with us and ours with Holly, and hearing her explain to us the “whys” of Holly’s behavior, revealed to us Jill’s rare empathy and understanding of the workings of a dog’s mind. Simply put, I’m convinced she can read a dog’s mind. She knows that what a dog wants to do most of all is to please and to obey, but it needs to understand clearly how to accomplish that for its owner/master/partner. That—the “how to”—is precisely what Jill is able to impart to the dog and the owner, with mutual respect forming the basis for the pet and owner relationship. It’s nothing short of miraculous to see her communicate with dogs…at least, that has been our reaction. (I am confident that this transfers completely to her work with other animals. Although I don’t have a horse, I have seen her work with horses and it’s remarkable. Because of Jill, we have regained the wonderfully loving and gentle (if enormously energetic!) Holy we had before her experience with the other trainer. It’s as if she’s been given back to us—the aberrant behavior an alarming, but brief (thanks to Jill’s help), “blip” in her life with us. As devoted as Holly is to all of us—her family—she positively worships Jill. And we couldn’t be more pleased…or more grateful. We have recommended Jill to our friends, who have later thanked us profusely for that advice. We continue the recommendation.

—Martha Kemp


How would you like to be able to open your front door and let the dogs out with you to get the mail, with complete trust, that they will not leave the yard, or go into the street? They have learned not to cross the line that separates the yard from danger. How would you like to take your dog for a walk and every time you get to the corner he sits and waits for the OK to cross into the street,? My dogs do this now. I used to have a dog that didn’t like other dogs. It used to kill me – he’s a pack animal and disliked dogs. Now he loves his friends. He also wouldn’t come when I called him, not any more. Jill Breitner is a doggie miracle worker. They speak the same language. I don’t know how she does it, a look, a word, a hand signal. She is one gifted animal trainer and communicator. Oh, and one more thing — I took my dogs for a lesson at her barn, to work in bigger distractions, and when I pulled up Jill was riding her horse… without a bridle and without a saddle. I couldn’t believe what was happening! How could that be? After witnessing this fantastic spectacle, I could have watched all day; Jill told me she was doing liberty work with her horse. She does things with her horse on the ground that looks like she’s dancing with her horse, it is so beautiful to watch them in action and then ride with nothing on. Jill says this work is built on trust, respect and the intricate way that horses communicate. Unbelievable! I was certain that I had the right dog trainer for my dogs.

— Laurie Burton
CEO Image Development Company
Los Angeles, California


I am the owner of Euphuria Pet Salon, which has been voted best grooming pet salon in Los Angeles, by LA Magazine. I can’t say enough about who Jill has been for me, for my clients and for my business.

I have known Jill for over 20 years. We met because I had a dog with very difficult behavioral issues that I was at a loss as to how to solve, even though I had been working with animals for a few years at that time. Jill quickly discerned Abigails issues and set a course of action. She explained, very clearly and concisely, what was driving this behavior, then showed me what steps were necessary to correct it. The results were amazing. Abigail felt more secure and at home in her new world, which brought much peace to both me and my dog.

I was completely sold on Jill’s skill, caring, and professionalism. I have referred hundreds of my clients to her over the years with the same consistent positive outcome. I find that when my clients follow her direction, they develop a better understanding of and deeper relationship with their animals. Often these very clients end up referring my other clients to Jill. The unforeseen benefits have been twofold, as these animals become easier for my staff and for me to work with, which in turn creates a less stressful grooming experience for the dogs.

Through the years, my respect for Jill has grown. She has consistently proven her strength of character, honesty, caring, compassion, and her true love of animals. Her professionalism and steadfast loyalty to helping owners and their animals lead happier, healthier lives makes recommending her not only easy but necessary.

– Lisa Bodaine
Owner, Euphuria Pet Salon
Burbank, CA

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