Dog Board and Train Program

Shewhisperer dog trainingMy dog training and boarding program is different from the rest. Your dog will live-in my home—not in a kennel or a crate—for 4 weeks.

This highly specialized and individualized program is limited to only one dog at a time— yours— and I will make sure that at the end of this program you will learn all the dog training skills needed in the cross-training session in your home.

A Typical Day in the Dog Board and Train Program:

Your dog begins each morning with a romp on a trail or on my 4 acre property that backs up to a lovely river, then proceed throughout the day where he is lavished with love and attention in a balanced program of training, play, love and rest. Your dog will learn all commands; including: SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, LEAVE IT, WAIT, DROP IT, HEEL, OK and more. All of this will be on and off-leash. Your pup will be socialized with all kinds of animals and people, learn good manners at home and in public. Your pup will be housebroken, learn not to be destructive, not to jump on people and furniture, greet people appropriately, come when you call him and much more. All this training will be under his belt and done with enthusiasm, kindness and respect.

Contact me to give your puppy a clean start, learning all the appropriate manners all dogs need to know without turning your pup into a robot. My goal is to have a spoiled rotten, disciplined dog.

I make Service and Therapy Dogs a priority for the board and train program, however, if I have an opening I am thrilled to take on your companion dog.

I am spending much of my time now doing online dog training via Zoom sessions and writing my blog. on the Dog Decoder website.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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