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Do you know how to read your dog’s body language? Do you understand when he tries to tell you he’s stressed, or submissive, or ready for fun-time? Can you tell the difference between excitement and fear, or between aggression and the need to play?

Dog language can be confusing, but with the help of Dog Decoder, you’ll understand your dog’s signals like a pro.


Our dogs are always communicating

There are about SIXTY different poses on display in Dog Decoder. Each pose is beautifully and expressively illustrated by one of the world’s top dog artists, Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings.

What people are saying

Our latest rave reviews come from:

  • Slimdoggy: …it’s a great tool for families, particularly for people with young kids that they need to educate regarding the proper reading of dog’s body language. I can see it being used for their own children as well as with their friends that visit who may not be familiar with dogs or how to behave around them.
  • The Bark Magazine: A helpful and handy primer on canine body language, it demonstrates the ways dogs let us know they’re scared, excited, cautious, willing and so forth. It comes with a helpful description that points out some common misconceptions or the circumstances in which a dog will exhibit it. A great tool for newbie dog people and those of us who need to brush up on dog talk.
  • Nancy Kay, DVM: I love this app! With simplicity and a fabulous sense of humor Dog Decoder provides wonderful guidance in the interpretation of canine body language. Not only does our understanding of canine communication support the dog, it also may go a long way in prevention of injuries inflicted by dogs. Kudos to the creators of this app.
  • John Ciribassi: DVM Diplomate, American college of Veterinary Behaviorists: I really like the app. Very simple, easy to use, accurate and the drawings are great. The format where you see the situation then an explanation then a description of the body posture with the labels is a great progression for learning. There is also a quiz section that tests your knowledge.
  • Clinical Animal Behavior Science-UC Davis School of Veterinarian Medicine: New app called Dog Decoder. Not a huge promoter of products, but this one is great for kids and good for adults who want to understand their pet.
  • Marjorie Becker: It’s like having a trainer in your pocket.
  • Charlotte Dutton: Great app! Easy to use, comprehensive and fun
  • Glenda Corning: The subtlety of reading dog body language is clearly explained in this app. This is information everybody shoud have in their lexicon of meaning…great for kids, a must for parents and essential for dog lovers. Presented in an easily understood and simply accessed form. Check it out!
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