Dog Time

One of the most fundamental elements of being a dog is having dog time. Playing with their own kind is as essential to their beings as is food. Without it they become difficult to live with.

We have domesticated dogs but we haven’t and cannot take away their instinctive nature. Running, chasing, biting or just hanging with an old pal is what feeds our dogs souls. Dogs are born in a litter. They are by nature meant to be with other beings so when we get a dog as a sole pet we must take care to meet their needs to be with their own kind.

Today, we are so busy with our own lives, we barely make sure that we are taking a deep breath to refresh our own basic need to connect with our friends and family often times neglecting to make sure our dogs get their dog time in as well. If you are struggling with issues like pulling on the leash, being too mouthy, aggression, destructive chewing, counter surfing, etc. I would bet you that if you gave your dog, doggie playtime on a daily basis you would see a different dog. A playdate once or even twice a week isn’t sufficient for a dog under 2 years of age and some older dogs need more as well. Dogs are individuals too with some needing more than others; be it training, exercise, etc. but ALL dogs need to be/play with their own kind every single day. Supervised doggie day care centers, dog walkers and dog parks have come into being when we became a two income family and that was many many moons ago but we as dog a guardian culture haven’t stepped up to the plate when it comes to making sure that our dogs are getting the dog time they need.

This is evidenced by the sheer numbers of dog trainers like myself getting calls to help train unruly dogs. The irony in all of this is that as we get busier and busier with our lives we are wanting to truly stay connected to what’s really important to us and dogs have always been available to fill us up with unconditional love yet it’s this very nature that is being abused. While I truly thank you for reading my blogs, I will ask that right now you leave your computer and look your best friend in the eye and make plans for more dog time for her.

You’ll both be glad you did.