Dogs and Puppies and Clients…Oh My!

Dog trainers, vet techs, groomers, day care and shelter staff and all dog professionals…read on!

If you work with dogs/puppies and sometimes feel that you just need a boost of confidence or help with a challenging client or doggie problem or just need to get a better perspective, I’m here to help.

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Helping a young trainer learn more about working in distractions. Image by Jill Breitner

I have been coaching other dog professionals for the past 5 years. There are many young trainers, like yourself, who’ve taken courses, gotten certified and then find themselves unable to progress because of; either a lack of confidence or lack of experience with dogs or communicating what they know to their clients.

I love mentoring. We do mock consultations and conversations just like you would have with your clients , where I play the client and you are the trainer. With over 40 years of training clients and their dogs, I have every possible scenario under my belt that you’ll learn everything you’ll need on how to answer the most bizarre questions.

Me teaching Stay in 1985. I had already been training 7 years. Image Jill Breitner

You’ll learn tricks of the trade, you could only get from all my years working with people and their dogs.

dog trainer training

Online training for you and/or your clients. Illustration by Lili Chin for Jill Breitner

As a former vet tech, I have proven animal husbandry skills that will help you help your clients and their dogs. I’ll show you how and why animal husbandry needs to be part of your training program for all your puppies and adult dogs. I was certified in Fear Free practices but have been teaching animal husbandry skills, low stress handling and compassionate care to my clients, throughout my entire career.

Whatever or wherever,  you feel you could use help, contact me for more information and pricing.

About the author: Jill Breitner, is a professional dog trainer, award winning author and dog body language expert loving and living her life on the west coast of the USA. She is the author of Dog Decoder, a smartphone app about dog body language recommended and used by veterinarians, shelters, trainers, educators and guardians worldwide. It’s available in iTunes and Google play. Jill has been teaching gentle handling/basic husbandry skills to clients and their dogs for 40 years, to be your pets advocate for a happier and stress free life. She also does online dog training, worldwide. Join Jill on her  Dog Decoder Facebook page

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