Online Dog Training

Dog Training Skype SessionsPersonal Online Dog Training 

It’s convenient, saves you time and money.

Online dog training is done via Skype. It is a wonderful way to connect with me right there in the comfort of your home. I can see the dynamic of your relationship with your dog just as if I was in your living room with you. Together we can help you help your dog.

Who’s doing online dog training?

  • Busy parents
  • Working singles and couples who only have time in the evenings so that they can play with their dog on the weekends
  • People with disabilities
  • People who live remotely without access to a good trainer
  • People who want private training but can’t afford it
  • People who don’t like group classes
  • You because you’re too busy and are here now, reading this.

I watch you work with your dog/s and I can show you with my dogs and set up the exact scenario needed to teach you what you need to do with your pup.

Online Dog Training Sessions are 1 hour- $95 per session. If you are a Dog Decoder Facebook fan there is a discount. I do this because there is a ton of information on this page where you can begin to be educated and continue the education as I blog 3-4 times a week.

Prior to scheduling an online dog training Skype session please contact me so that we can discuss the issues that you are having with your dog and let’s get started.

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