Online Dog Training And Mentoring For Canine Professionals

Personal Online Dog Training and Mentoring For Canine Professionals

It’s convenient, saves you time and money.

Online dog training is done via Zoom, FaceBook video or FaceTime video. It is a wonderful way to connect with me right there in the comfort of your home. I can see the dynamic of your relationship with your dog just as if I was in your living room with you. Together we can help you help your dog.

Who’s doing online dog training?

  • Busy parents
  • Working singles and couples who only have time in the evenings so that they can play with their dog on the weekends
  • People with disabilities
  • People who live remotely without access to a good trainer
  • People who want private training but can’t afford it
  • People who don’t like group classes
  • You because you’re too busy and are here now, reading this.
  • Trainers and other canine professionals who could use one on one personal mentoring

I watch you work with your dog/s and I can show you with my dogs and set up the exact scenario needed to teach you what you need to do with your pup.

Online Dog Training Sessions are 1 hour- $200 per session. Prior to scheduling an online dog training session please contact me so that we can discuss the issues that you are having with your dog and let’s get started.

Mentoring and training other canine professionals.

If you are a dog trainer, groomer, doggie day care supervisor/trainer/owner and need advice and training from someone who’s been training for over 45 years, I’m here to help. I have been mentoring other canine professionals for the past 5 years and love being part of your lives. I’m here to help you with a challenging dog and or client.

We work together to via Zoom, FaceTime video or FaceBook video, so I can see what’s going on with your client and what may be missing. Let’s face it, we all had to learn and I was grateful to have mentors when I first started training. Rather than turn someone down because you lack the knowledge and or experience to help them; contact me and I’ll help you through it. Together we can make miracles happen.

How I can help:

  • Have mock client/trainer conversations on how to answer questions when a client calls to find out about your program and how you can help them¬†

  • How to be more effective in your communication

  • Learn tricks of the trade from 40+ years of experience not only working with dogs but how to handle your human clients as well.

  • Learn how to implement the dog body language education into your training program

  • Design a full spectrum training program that includes, animal husbandry, body language, and all problems, that should be addressed, even if your client hasn’t asked for it, but should be part of their program

  • How to discuss different training programs and why one might be better or worse for each individual client

  • I am with you in a session at your clients home, via FaceBook video, FaceTime video or Zoom. Your clients love and respect that you have sought help from another professional with more experience and you won’t lose this client because you haven’t got the experience to help them…..yet!

  • Help you in whatever area you feel you are lacking the skills, knowledge or experience that might be holding you back from doing your best, growing your business and helping dogs. After all, isn’t this what we’re all about.

Sessions $200 per hour

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