Shewhisperer Dog Training MarinLAUGH AND TEACH!!! If you’re not laughing with your dog you’re most likely not having much fun. I can help bring the joy back into your dog training experience. A spoiled rotten, disciplined dog is my philosophy.

I believe that dog training is about understanding the natural instincts of dogs, how they learn and how to read their body language and energy.  Developing these skills will enable you to be better equipped while training your dog. When you learn what motivates your dog, be it food, their favorite toy or a game of tug, the reward is there to reinforce the desired behavior. This is how dogs learn best and what makes dog training fun for both of you.

Establishing benevolent leadership skills with your dog requires that you learn and use science based reward training.

You will find me out there, playing with dogs while training them and would love to teach you how to have as much fun with dogs as I do.

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