Regulations for Dog Walkers

Dog walker leaves 6 dogs to die of heat exhaustion in her truck while she goes shopping for 45 minutes. 19 dogs piled into a van to go for play time at the dog park yet the reality is that 20 minutes or more are spent picking up and dropping off dogs, leaving close to 15-20 minutes of playtime at the park (I know, I’ve witnessed it and have pics and videos.) Owners pay by the hour to get their dog walked, or to play at the dog park. Little do they realize the truth about what their dog is doing for most of this hour and often times in a very hot car.

Limiting the number of dogs a dog walker can take will create a safer and more enjoyable experience for your dog in the car and at the park. The dog walker will also be able to manage and monitor your dog, keeping her safe, and be able to pick up poop, because 6 dogs is much easier than 20. This will leave our parks safer and cleaner.

Educating dog walkers in dog safety and care will help them learn what to look for when a dog is afraid, anxious, happy, ill and much more. Fewer dogs will get into fights, which translates to fewer dog to dog bites, fewer people getting bitten, less trips to the vet and little to no emotional or physical trauma to you dog.

Please sign and share this petition so these kinds of tragedies never happen again.