Safe Off-Leash Play

The Dog Gurus have committed themselves to educating dog communities: pet centers, pet professionals and all dog owners about safe off-leash dog play. I can’t stress the importance of their work as they are teaching dog body language, educating the staff at day care centers and helping trainers teach their clients that proper socialization is critical to the well-being of all dogs.

Dogs need to play and when they don’t have the opportunity to play dog on dog they often times develop habits that become a nuisance to us. Keeping a dog in your backyard and never giving her dog time is the same as not allowing a child to have friends. Dogs are social creatures. Sure they love us humans but let’s keep it straight, they love their own kind much better when it comes to rough play the way they do and they deserve it.

If you are sending your dog to daycare, please tell them about The Dog Gurus and give them the opportunity to become a member and take the Safety Pledge.