Service Dogs

Shewhisperer Service Dogs, Marin, Sonoma County

Shewhisperer Service Dogs provides assistance dogs to people with a physical or developmental disabilities. Do you have your own dog or wish to work with me to find the right dog for you?

How to Apply

To Apply for a Shewhisperer Service Dog, contact me and I’ll send you an application. After receiving a completed application I will determine what type of training your dog will need or we will work together to find the perfect puppy to get into the training program. Application fee: $95



Physical Task Dogs

People with physical disabilities can benefit from the help of a service dog to perform tasks such as retrieving items and putting them in their lap or backpack, opening doors, turning light switches on and off, etc.

Companion Dogs for Children

Children with special needs will have a team of three consisting of a primary caretaker or parent, the child and the dog. The dog can be trained to perform many physical tasks such as pickig up items, turning lights on and off and opening doors and so on. A service dog gives children a sense of security enhanced by a wonderful bond of love, affection and trust that develops between the child and dog. Service dogs can be a valued companion for an autistic child. In fact, studies have shown that children with Autism who have bonded with a companion service dog have better focus, fewer temper tantrums and a greater general sense of security in the world.

Social Companion Dogs

People who suffer from emotional disabilities such as agoraphobia, anxiety in public and so on can benefit from the help of a service dog to enhance their sense of security when they are out in the world. Service dogs for adults and children on the Autism Spectrum have proven to be very effective and calming.

I offer Service Dogs dogs on the west coast.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and together we can find the perfect match.

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